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Us Open 2009!

Hello everybody!
Just a quick update from the Us Open that just went down this week.
It all started off with the quarterpipe event on friday with 8 invited girls competing for the grand prize.
I ended up winning both the contest and highest air and my friend Lisa took 2nd. place!
Next up was the halfpipe event on saturday. Sunny skies, a sick pipe and a wild crowd made the event nothing but perfect!
All the girls threw down amazing runs through out the whole day and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun!
Torah Bright was the happy winner of the day with a run that made the wild crowd even wilder!
I am happy to say I ended up 4th amoung a high caliber of athletes from around the world!   Sunday came quickly, as I finished the week strong.  We had the craziest weather in Slopestlye finals, and I dislocated my shoulder for the 3rd time in semi’s!!!  I landed the best run of my career, walking away with a 1st place!  This week I has been unreal to me and I have yet to realize that this actually happened!

 Oh yeah, I won another Volvo, somebody pinch me!!!


WC in sunny Spain!

This week I have been competing in a world cup in La Molina in Spain.
The ski resort is located in the Pyrenean Mountains close to Barcelona.
It’s been an amazing week with tanning, snowboarding, eating and a “bad case of diarrhea”!
The whole week ended with a 1st. place in the halfpipe contest,
half a lamb and a great tan!
Viva Espania!

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Morocco with the Roxy team

Last week I went to Morocco with the Roxy team to shoot and film!
We stayed at the ski resort Oukaimeden witch is located in the High Atlas Mountains just south of Marrakech.
The first days it was a lack of snow on the hill, but when it first started snowing it seemed like it would never stop!
All the fresh snow resulted in a power cut and the chairlift was suddenly out of business.
Lucky us the local donkeys were not on a power break, and we got up the mountain the good old fashion way!


Donkey ride