Us Open 2009!

Hello everybody!
Just a quick update from the Us Open that just went down this week.
It all started off with the quarterpipe event on friday with 8 invited girls competing for the grand prize.
I ended up winning both the contest and highest air and my friend Lisa took 2nd. place!
Next up was the halfpipe event on saturday. Sunny skies, a sick pipe and a wild crowd made the event nothing but perfect!
All the girls threw down amazing runs through out the whole day and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun!
Torah Bright was the happy winner of the day with a run that made the wild crowd even wilder!
I am happy to say I ended up 4th amoung a high caliber of athletes from around the world!   Sunday came quickly, as I finished the week strong.  We had the craziest weather in Slopestlye finals, and I dislocated my shoulder for the 3rd time in semi’s!!!  I landed the best run of my career, walking away with a 1st place!  This week I has been unreal to me and I have yet to realize that this actually happened!

 Oh yeah, I won another Volvo, somebody pinch me!!!


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