Hello everbody!

Just a quick update on what happened the last week!
After a successful weekend at the US Open, we stopped in NYC for two days for some shopping, and I have to admit that some money were (well) spent!
After some days of relaxing in the big apple, we travelled to LA and spent a day at my friends house in Ocean side. We went bike riding on the beach and I had one of the best burger experiences in my life at TC burgers! Slightly tanner and well rested we headed to Mammoth for the Roxy Chicken Jam, the last TTR event of the season! The week started off with warm and sunny conditions (seems to happen a lot lately!) with tanning breaks on the sun deck.
On saturday we had the pipe semi finals and unlucky I landed flat on the first hit in my first run and injured my knee. After trying to get back on my feet several times, I had to go to the local hospital to get it checked out. They concluded with a torn ACL and gave me the biggest brace I have ever seen. I decided to make the best out of the situation and went back to our apartment for a cold beer. Halfway down my second beer all my best friends suddenly came in the door with get well soon cards, balloons and the biggest cake in the world. Thanks guys, you are the best!
The slopestyle finals got postponed till monday because of strong winds, and I decided to attend the contest. I made it down the course (didn’t hit any of the jumps) and I managed to stay top 5 on the TTR overall ranking.
The week was wrapped up with a great party on monday night hosted by the “One life” crew.
I am now on my way back to Norway to get my knee checked properly by some specialists.
I am hoping for the better!



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