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Surgery, summer and my new car!

Hello people!

The last months I have been spending a lot of time at home!
I had a surgery on my knee in May, after a bad crash in the pipe at last contest of the season, the Roxy Chicken Jam in Mammoth!
I have been recovering at the gym with my physical therapist and everything is going fast and smooth.
I am hoping to be back on my board in late October.
I have also been studying and I had my final exam three weeks ago.
The weather has been great the last few weeks, witch means tanning at the beach and good times with my boyfriend, friends and family!
Two days ago, I also received my new Volvo that I got for best overall performance at the European Open in Laax in January!
The car is amazing, and I still don’t realize that I got it for doing one of the things I love the most in life, snowboarding.
Thanks to everybody that has helped me out during the season, I could never have done it without you guys.
As summer is kicking in for real, I am staring to notice how much I miss shredding and I can’t wait to be back on snow!!!
Have a happy, fun and challenging summer!