Archive | October 2009

Time to get back on snow!

Winter is getting closer and I can’t hardly wait to get back on snow again. With that said, I am very excited that I am going to Switzerland with the national team at the end of the month. I have been training and recovering the whole summer, my knee feels good and I am pretty ready to hit the slopes now. It’s also been some traveling lately, first I went to France for a Roxy training camp and I got to meet most of the girls on the team. We had some badass training sessions and the snowboarders, surfers and windsurfers came along very well. I got to catch my first wave EVER, surfing and I have to give thumbs up to former surf pro Helen for coping, motivating and pushing me in the water! After France I went to Cali (again) with Roxy team manager Stine for the 10/11 catalogue shoot.  As the rad team manager Stine is, she arranged that we got stay in a house right at the beach in New Port for a couple of days before the shoot started. You should have seen my face because for a Norwegian, that is nothing but a rarity!!! Shopping in Melrose place, tanning and getting our nails done was just a few of the things we did before we headed up to Big Bear for the catalogue shoot. Up on the mountain we met up with the rest of the crew. Snowboard gear, fake snow and a bunch of hard working people was some of the ingredients the next three days. Everyone seemed to have a good time, despite long days and nearly a 100 degrees. Before I went back to Norway, my good friend Chanelle took me stand up paddling in the lovely canals of New Port. Try putting two of the most competitive persons on a paddle board, you will end up with the race from hell. With a fresh tan, a cricked neck, some new shoes and pretty toe nails, I went back to Norway and the snow that all ready had started to fall…