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The US of A!

Just a quick update from our first week in the Us of a. We got here late on monday night after a long travel from Norway. The national team has rented a house in Frisco and thanks to coach Jonte we (the girls) scored the master bedroom! I was so excited to ride again that I hardly slept at all that night. The next morning we went to Breckenridge and met up with some of the American snowboard girls. It was one of the most fun days snowboarding ever! The next days were as fun, and my knee feels really good. I have started jumping again and yesterday I did my first spin off a “real” jump.
We have also been visiting “Woodward” at Copper, a indoor fun park with skate ramps, trampolines and a fake snow jump.
On thursday we got to experience the American thanksgiving tradition with a full on organic turkey dinner. Yummy!
This is just the first week of our trip and I am sure we will have a lot of fun the remaining three weeks.

It’s niiiiiceeee!


Paris fashion!

So, last week I went to Paris for the Tony Hawk show and my expectations was fulfilled to the fullest.
My day started off pretty hectic, with a quick visit to the Quiksilver store at Champs – Elysees. The shop was stacked with people wanting the autograph from the big man himself. We (Torah, Sarah, Lisa, Stine and I) were busy picking out some new Roxy clothes to wear for the party.
Next up was a rehearsal for the fashion show, walking down the “runway” inside the vert ramp.
After practicing my “blue steel” I went to do an interview with Method mag in the electric chair, which can be watched on soon.
A couple of electric shocks, some make up and a glass of champagne, I was ready to face the over 5000 spectators waiting for the show to begin.
It was a weird feeling walking down the catwalk knowing that everyone was looking at me, but I have to admit that I found the attention rather exciting.
When the fashion was done, we all sat down and watched the skate show. It was really impressive to watch Lyn-Z be the first women to land a Mc Twist in a vert ramp. It sent shivers down my spine and it was a big contribution to girls extreme sports in general.
The only thing left for the night was to put our party hats on and celebrate Quiksilver’s 40 year anniversary!!

Later sk8er!





Good times in Paris!


Just a quick update from lovely Paris and what I have been doing here so far.
I arrived on thursday and went straight for the good stuff, meaning food, shopping, sightseeing and more food! I bought a really cool shirt with studs, looked at prizy purses and visited some of the most famous monuments in town. Friday started off pretty similar, with shopping, vine tasting and a quick visit to the Grand Palais where the Tony Hawk show is taking place. We finished the day off with a well deserved break under the Eiffel tower, looking at the amazing light show.
Tomorrow the Tony Hawk show kicks off and some of the best skateboarders in the world will compete in the vert contest.
There will also be an art exhibition, Roxy and Quiksilver fashion show and a live concert. Over 5000 spectators are expected to be at the Grand Palais, and everything is set for this to be a show out of proportions. Vive la France and stay sideways 🙂


Monster loaded

Hello and wazzupp?

I have been home in Trondheim for almost a whole week now and I have to admit that it feels great!
I enjoy being on the move and traveling, but sometimes it’s nice to just spend time at home with my family and my boyfriend.
Other things that’s been going on this week is school work, training and catching up with friends.
Yesterday I received a huge load of Monster, so now I am pretty much set with energy drinks for the rest of the season.
Next up is Paris and “The Quiksilver Tony Hawk Show” on thursday.
A great selection of global Quiksilver and Roxy athletes will be in town to celebrate Quiksilver’s 40th Anniversary.
I am excited to explore Paris, enjoy some of the French cuisine and meet all the other athletes.
I reckon the show is gonna be awesome, and I will make sure to get back soon with some fun updates…
Peace, love and don’t drink and drive!

Kjerstibuaas Kjerstibuaas Kjerstibuaas

Good day on the mountain!

We woke up at 6am, jumped in our snowboard gear and went down for the-not-so-exciting-breakfast. The sky was gray so we all prepared for a long, cold day at mountain. It was cold indeed, but in the middle of the second gondola on our way up, we got over the clouds and the sun appeared.

After a couple of training-runs it was set for qualis. I was freezing cold, but proud as a mum when the girls dropped in. Helene “the crazy” melted my heart with a sick inverted frontside 540 on the first hit. Lisa Wiik ” the machine”  impressed me big time with some good riding despite her bad knee. Linn “the tempered” did the best of the norwegians and put down some amazing runs including a Mc. Twist and a huge frontside 720.

On our way down from the mountain we had the most amazing powder run and everyone had a big smile on their face 🙂

Thanks for making my day girls!


Coach K

So there has been a lot of fuzz around our rap video the last two days.
I think we got our message out pretty clear and hopefully we spread some love!
At the moment we are still in Saas Fee, Switzerland and tomorrow it’s time for the FIS World Cup qualifiers.
Unfortunately we are only allowed three norwegian girls in this competition, and since I am all ready high ranked on the list from last year I will be coaching the other girls tomorrow. Good luck girls, this could be interesting!

kjesti buaas

“Love to Hate”

On our day -off here in Saas Fee, the girls and I made a comeback to all the haters at (and in general). Some just never get tired of talking down on girls! ENJOY!