Good day on the mountain!

We woke up at 6am, jumped in our snowboard gear and went down for the-not-so-exciting-breakfast. The sky was gray so we all prepared for a long, cold day at mountain. It was cold indeed, but in the middle of the second gondola on our way up, we got over the clouds and the sun appeared.

After a couple of training-runs it was set for qualis. I was freezing cold, but proud as a mum when the girls dropped in. Helene “the crazy” melted my heart with a sick inverted frontside 540 on the first hit. Lisa Wiik ” the machine”  impressed me big time with some good riding despite her bad knee. Linn “the tempered” did the best of the norwegians and put down some amazing runs including a Mc. Twist and a huge frontside 720.

On our way down from the mountain we had the most amazing powder run and everyone had a big smile on their face 🙂

Thanks for making my day girls!



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