Monster loaded

Hello and wazzupp?

I have been home in Trondheim for almost a whole week now and I have to admit that it feels great!
I enjoy being on the move and traveling, but sometimes it’s nice to just spend time at home with my family and my boyfriend.
Other things that’s been going on this week is school work, training and catching up with friends.
Yesterday I received a huge load of Monster, so now I am pretty much set with energy drinks for the rest of the season.
Next up is Paris and “The Quiksilver Tony Hawk Show” on thursday.
A great selection of global Quiksilver and Roxy athletes will be in town to celebrate Quiksilver’s 40th Anniversary.
I am excited to explore Paris, enjoy some of the French cuisine and meet all the other athletes.
I reckon the show is gonna be awesome, and I will make sure to get back soon with some fun updates…
Peace, love and don’t drink and drive!

Kjerstibuaas Kjerstibuaas Kjerstibuaas


2 thoughts on “Monster loaded

  1. Du sier “don`t drink and drive”, jeg sier: Ikke heng ut av vinduet og kjør. Haha, regner med du stod stille??

    Paris høres morsomt ut, så du får kose deg masse!!

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