Paris fashion!

So, last week I went to Paris for the Tony Hawk show and my expectations was fulfilled to the fullest.
My day started off pretty hectic, with a quick visit to the Quiksilver store at Champs – Elysees. The shop was stacked with people wanting the autograph from the big man himself. We (Torah, Sarah, Lisa, Stine and I) were busy picking out some new Roxy clothes to wear for the party.
Next up was a rehearsal for the fashion show, walking down the “runway” inside the vert ramp.
After practicing my “blue steel” I went to do an interview with Method mag in the electric chair, which can be watched on soon.
A couple of electric shocks, some make up and a glass of champagne, I was ready to face the over 5000 spectators waiting for the show to begin.
It was a weird feeling walking down the catwalk knowing that everyone was looking at me, but I have to admit that I found the attention rather exciting.
When the fashion was done, we all sat down and watched the skate show. It was really impressive to watch Lyn-Z be the first women to land a Mc Twist in a vert ramp. It sent shivers down my spine and it was a big contribution to girls extreme sports in general.
The only thing left for the night was to put our party hats on and celebrate Quiksilver’s 40 year anniversary!!

Later sk8er!






3 thoughts on “Paris fashion!

  1. Hey Kjersti,
    You are my favourite female snowboarder and I definately think that girls kick ass (at least mine) on their snowboards. Just watched you funny rap on method. 🙂 Keep ip up. I hope you stay fit and free of injurys.

  2. Å, du e så fin Britt. Tænk at du fikk gå på den røue løpern eller ka det hete. Du må forstørr derre bildet der å heng det i stua.
    Ta med nånn små bilda og som vi kan ha på lærarværelse.
    Vi sees snart da Britt.

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