The US of A!

Just a quick update from our first week in the Us of a. We got here late on monday night after a long travel from Norway. The national team has rented a house in Frisco and thanks to coach Jonte we (the girls) scored the master bedroom! I was so excited to ride again that I hardly slept at all that night. The next morning we went to Breckenridge and met up with some of the American snowboard girls. It was one of the most fun days snowboarding ever! The next days were as fun, and my knee feels really good. I have started jumping again and yesterday I did my first spin off a “real” jump.
We have also been visiting “Woodward” at Copper, a indoor fun park with skate ramps, trampolines and a fake snow jump.
On thursday we got to experience the American thanksgiving tradition with a full on organic turkey dinner. Yummy!
This is just the first week of our trip and I am sure we will have a lot of fun the remaining three weeks.

It’s niiiiiceeee!


2 thoughts on “The US of A!

  1. Ser jo ut som en morsom park det der. Dere er heldige som drar rundt for gjøre noe dere liker. Høres ikke ut som jobb, men jeg regner med det er slitsomt også??
    Lykke til med knæe:-)

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