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New Roxy Podcast!

The follow up of  the “Don’t pick a fight with Torah Bright” from last year…
“Torah Bright and Kjersti Buaas star in the long awaited sequel. Will the Evil Buaas finally get her revenge on the hated Torah after last years showdown? She’s been in special training all Summer just waiting on her chance of retribution….” Enjoy!


1st. stop at the Winter Dew Tour!

So just a quick update from the contests that went down in sunny Breckenridge today! It started off with a early (8 am) practice for slope and the conditions couldn’t have been better. After some warm up runs with Roger (coach) in the freshly groomed park, I was ready for some action.
First run went pretty good until I fell on a bs 180 on the last jump. In my next run I landed a fs. 720 and a bs. 180 which placed me in 7th. place, right outside the finals. I was really happy with my riding and it feels good to be back again.
After the slope contest was done, I went straight for the pipe finals. I missed most of the practice, but thanks to this really cool snowmobile guy which drove me around the whole day, I got in a run or two before we started. I dropped in for my first run with a good amount of adrenaline in my body, but landed a bit flat on my last flip. My second run went way better and I ended up 3rd., which was way over my expectations for the day. Big shout out to the Dew Tour organizers the pimp coffee stand at the starting area. I couldn’t have done it without you, haha! Now it’s time for some celebration with the girls and boys before I head back to Norway for Christmas on monday!
Merry Christmas to everybody!

Fun in Frisco!

Going into our third week here in Frisco, I thought I should update with some fresh news.
We’ve been riding in Copper and Keystone every other day. The jump line in Key is amazing and the pipe in Copper is crowded, but real fun.
We have our own chef, trainer and nutritionist and today we get a PT as well.
The weather has been great and today it started snowing which is good because we could really use some.
I have already done all the tricks I did last season, and I am pretty stoked to feel like I’m getting back in the game.
Today  I’ve been shooting with Roxy for next years catalogue and I got to see my signature goggles for the first time.
Christmas is getting close and it’s time to get down to the Christmas shopping.
Happy December to all of you!


Linn Haug boyfriend!

Just wanted to make a quick post about this, because the “top searches” on my page contains these words “Linn Haug boyfriend”!
If anyone is still wondering about this matter, Linn Haug’s boyfriend is the little dancer from the states.
So, that’s it for now 🙂