1st. stop at the Winter Dew Tour!

So just a quick update from the contests that went down in sunny Breckenridge today! It started off with a early (8 am) practice for slope and the conditions couldn’t have been better. After some warm up runs with Roger (coach) in the freshly groomed park, I was ready for some action.
First run went pretty good until I fell on a bs 180 on the last jump. In my next run I landed a fs. 720 and a bs. 180 which placed me in 7th. place, right outside the finals. I was really happy with my riding and it feels good to be back again.
After the slope contest was done, I went straight for the pipe finals. I missed most of the practice, but thanks to this really cool snowmobile guy which drove me around the whole day, I got in a run or two before we started. I dropped in for my first run with a good amount of adrenaline in my body, but landed a bit flat on my last flip. My second run went way better and I ended up 3rd., which was way over my expectations for the day. Big shout out to the Dew Tour organizers the pimp coffee stand at the starting area. I couldn’t have done it without you, haha! Now it’s time for some celebration with the girls and boys before I head back to Norway for Christmas on monday!
Merry Christmas to everybody!


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