Flying in Utah!

So, just a quick update from the Dew Tour that went down in Snow Basin last week. I competed in both pipe and slope and I progressed my riding a lot during these days. Unfortunately, I fell in the pipe qualifiers and missed the finals by only a few points. In slope I stayed on my feet and made it to the finals. After qualifying we went down to Ogden, the closest town from the ski resort, to check out the indoor skydiving facilities everybody was talking about. The skydiving team took us for a “flight” I’ll never forget. After flying for a couple of hours we went back to our mansion in the hills (thanks Oakley) and had a water drinking contest. The next day it was time for slopestyle finals and I absolutely loved the course, even though it was really tight between the jumps. My first run went pretty good, but I got to exited on the last jump and over rotated my 720. The good thing tho, is that I got the feeling of spinning faster and maybe that can lead to something better. My second run was solid, until I fell on the last jump. I ended up 5th. which is good for my overall ranking at the Dew Tour. Last but not least, I would like to quote Jamie Anderson after her performance in the pipe: “Hey guys, I almost won but I got 6th.” I love the ONE LIFE crew!


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