Euro trips!

So, It’s been a while since my last update, so now long story short! After the Olympics I went back home for one day before I headed to Spain/ Andorra for our “One Life” trip. I met up with the girls (MFR, Jamie, Chanelle, Sarka) in Barcelona and we drove up to the pyrenees with the rest of the crew.
We ended up staying for  a whole week at a ski resort called “El Tarter”, where we got hooked up big time by local guide Merlin and his buddy’s.
We got some amazing photos and I am excited to go on more film trips with this crew. After a quick visit at home again, I went down to Tignes in France for the European X-Games. I was excited to see how the French would pull off one of the biggest events in freestyle snowboarding. They didn’t disappoint. The pipe was in almost perfect condition, the slope style course was challenging but fun and the crowd was nothing but supportive. In the pipe finals I landed all my runs, learned some new grabs and got some amplitude,  which gave me 6th place. In the slopestyle qualifiers I dislocated my shoulder, but thanks to the amazing fysio team I was able to keep competing. I  landed my two first runs and my score put me in 2nd. place. I was very happy with my riding this week and I’m excited to keep progressing and learn more about snowboarding in the upcoming events.
I will get back with a update from Stratton and the Us Open next week!

French kisses from Norway!


3 thoughts on “Euro trips!

  1. i truthfully adore your own writing style, very unique.
    don’t quit as well as keep posting since it just simply truly worth to follow it,
    impatient to see a whole lot more of your articles, regards 😉

  2. your awesome and your shreed so hard. I hope that I get to meet you and Lisa Wiik cause out of all the roxy girls you guys are the hottest…and you shred the park so hard.

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