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Roxy photoshoot and stunt doubles!

So after a long time in the Us I am back in Europe. The last weeks have been so much fun, filming, shooting photos and editing are just a few of the things I have done. I bought final cut express and I’m more then excited to start using it again, after I had a couple of years off from editing. So, now I’m in Kaunertal, Austria for a Roxy photoshoot/ filming for the new movie coming out next year called “Chalet Girl”. I’m stoked to ride some more, but I must say that I am also ready for summer soon! Next up after this is home sweet home and I am exited to see my family and friends again.

Peace and love!


Ps.: This photo is from our One life film shoot in Tahoe last week, from left Jamie, Chanelle, Nora and me!