School project

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Here is a video of me demonstrating some crazy cross country skiing techniques for a school project… Enjoy!

Ps.: My teacher will use this video to decide if my cross country skills are good enough to make me pass the class.


4 thoughts on “School project

  1. haha, du e itj sainn du Britt. Aill dæm teknikkan du har innabors?! Æ mått no flir litt. Håpa rektoran på skolan godtar at dein her videoen bli ny undervisningsform i framtida ja:)

  2. Hej Kjersti! This is Melanie, I own the yoga studio in Oceanside. I love all the videos on your blog, makes me want to go to the snow. I’m heading out to Sweden again this winter, but still no plans yet for Norway. Someday…
    Hope to see you and the rest of the crew in yoga when you make it back to Cali. Hope you have a great summer!

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