POWerful in Argentina!

After a couple of days with heavy snow storms and lots of waiting around we finally got some sunny days at Cero Cathedral, Argentina. Big smiles all around the SASS compound was to be seen when the great mountains of Patagonia finally reviled them selfs in the pink light of the morning sun. It was time to go shredding again! Untouched lines just off the chair lift, variations of cliff drops and waist high powder tree rides was just some of the ingredients the next days. I got some good shots from the Roxy shoot, filmed with One Life and rode the best powder of my life!  And hands down, all this surrounded by one of the the most amazing views I have ever seen.

I also got the privilege to take part in the sustainability program currently going on at the SASS compound by help building a greenhouse  out of plastic bottles and bamboo. This was a opportunity for me and One life members Chanelle Sladics and Jamie Anderson to raise awareness about recycling (instead of burning the plastics) and creating an environment for the local community to grow food (a current challenge in Barliloche). Together with the non profit foundation MLF, along with Green Guide Network (www.greenguidenetwork.com), musicians Marc B. and Cindy Santini, filmer Duncan Barnes and photographer Jennifer Jones, I got to participate in this amazing project. Check out the photos below:)

I’m now back in California for  a few days where I will be shooting catalogue with Roxy, before I head to Portland, Maine for a film workshop. I’m very excited to learn more about filming, editing, directing, budgeting, script writing etc.!

Have a great day with love, awareness and creativity!

KJ 🙂


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