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“A Pre-Royal Taxi ride”

A film about the Norwegian snowboard girls, trying to get to the Castle before their taxi turns into a pumpkin…


Casual at the Castle?

Yesterday I got back home to Trondheim after being on the road for quite a while… I have learned so much the last couple of months; everything from free-diving and yoga to media management, converting files for editing and building greenhouses out of plastic bottles! I have had the best summer / winter of my life, hands, feet and everything else appropriate down to that! So, finally back in Norway, I literally went straight to the castle at the top of Carl Johans gate in Oslo, to visit the royal family. They had invited all the athletes, coaches, medics etc. from the Vancouver Olympic Games. It was a surreal experience to see what it was like inside, eat fancy, tiny food and shake hands with the royals: King Harald and Queen Sonja and their two kids, Prince Haakon Magnus and Princess Martha Louise. The snowboard girls, Helene Olafsen, Lisa Wiik, Linn Haug and my self, operated around the carpet festive stairways with our impressive high heels skills all night (it ended at 7 pm). It was like a fairy tail, but with a lot of small talk! Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos or film inside the castle, but we got some great footage of our pre-royal rush hour taxi ride going there. A short video coming soon…

Have a fabulous weekend!


Here is a photo of the girls with one of the guards outside the castle