I am Dew-ing great!

Today we had pipe prelims. I went up to the mountain for our 8 am practice with my good friend and One Life member Sarka Pancochova. It’s something magical about early morning sessions; the sun peaking out between the trees, the silence and the freshly groomed slopes. The practice went well, the pipe was perfect and even though it was freezing cold, the smiles were all around. After a hot chocolate at the new lodge  at bottom of the slopes, it was time for the competition to start. I dropped into the pipe with massive support from every angle, and landed my first run. The judges gave  me 70-something points and I was happy. For my second run I got a live performance of “Baby got back” from professional musician Cindy Santini. I fell on my last trick, but this was not enough to bring me down, only make my Buaas BLUE-ass. By the end of the day I got bumped down to 6th. place which was one point away from a spot in the finals tomorrow… After the pipe contest we (One LIfe crew) went to ride the slopestyle course. It was great until I came up short on the third jump and bruised my heel pretty hard. I went straight to the Dew Tour medics staff (who is awesome) and now I’m icing my foot, hoping for a quick recovery. I would love to ride the slope prelims tomorrow morning, but I’m just gonna wait and see how I feel tomorrow morning…:)

Here are some photos from today’s show:

Me and Cindy at the top of the pipe

Photo: One Life/ Chanelle Sladics

Me getting ready to drop in

Photo: Aimee Fuller/ Roxy

My first run: indy, bs air, front 5 trunk-driver, bs indy and haakenflip. Here is my first hit.

Photo: Aimee Fuller/ Roxy



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