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Pipe, Paragliding and Pirates!

I started the new year in Sweden with my family and continued on to Switzerland for the 6 star TTR event O’Neill Evolution Jam. I ended up 3rd. in pipe and 9th in slopestyle and I was very happy with those results. I also went paragliding on my birthday (5th. of january). This was a must do experience that I will never forget.

Podium at O'Neill Evolution

At top of the slopestyle

Flying in Davos

After this event we (the One life Crew) traveled to Laax for the European Open. On my way there I must have caught some crazy bug, because the next day I woke up sicker then a pirate that doesn’t get his rum. After four days inside (thank God for computer entertainment) I could finally move my body outdoors. I was thrilled to feel the snow under my feet again after the lack of activity the past days, and this resulted in learning backside 540’s in the pipe (it was about time!). The next day we had the pipe competition and due to bad weather and intense fog the organizers decided to cancel the semifinals and have one big final for the girls. When the fog finally cleared it was time to drop in; I was excited to try my newly learned trick, but lost my speed in the first run after a rather bad attempt. Anyhow, in my second run I surprised myself and landed a run I never have tried before. This gave me 4th. in a pretty high level 6 star TTR event. I’m now 6th on the rankings for the TTR.

The Swizz Mountains

The Result List

Me with a "trønderbart"

After the contests were over we (Jamie Anderson, Martin Rubio, Chanelle Sladics and I) went to Zurich for some sightseeing. It’s a beautiful town with lots of spectacular architecture and history. Here is some photos from Zurich for you to enjoy 🙂

Cruising downtown Zurich

Jamie and Chanelle at train station in Zurich

"Limmat", the river flowing through the old town

Check back for more updates as I have now moved across the ocean to film and train in Breckenridge, Colorado, before I head out to Aspen for the prestigious X-Games (it’s going to be X-treme) next week.

Here is a video of my run at the European Open, check it out!