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Short Story on Skiing!

Did you know?!

– Skiing is a recreational activity using skis as equipment for traveling over snow. Skis are used in conjunction with boots that connect to the ski with use of a binding.

– The word “ski” itself is one of a handful of words Norway has exported to the international community. It comes from the old norse word “skíð” which means split piece of wood or firewood.

– Norwegians are “born with skis on their feet”

– Norway is the home of “father of modern skiing”, Sondre Norheim (the originator of skiing as recreation and sport)

– Telemark district of Morgedal in Norway is also known as the “cradle of skiing”,

Skiing in Tahoe

Last week at Jamie Andersons shoot we decided to switch equipment one of the days.
Professional skiers went snowboarding and professional snowboarders went skiing. It was a pretty funny scenario on it’s own seeing all these athletes trying to carve through waist deep powder, completely out of their elements (it is way different sports). It got even funnier when everybody decided to step it up and hit a down box! Here is a photo and a very inspiring video from the 70’s while you wait for our “switch’n’ it up” edit!

Me with pro skiers Kaya & Kim

Did anybody say “SEND IT”?!!

Happy friday!



Shooting in Sierra

Last week Jamie Anderson invited about 10 girls (skiers and snowboarders) to shoot and ride the private park at her home mountain Sierra at Tahoe. Similar to last year, Jamie wanted the shoot to be fun, progressive and laidback, witch is perfect after a long and intense season. The park had three jumps in a line, a hip, variety of boxes, a pole and a creative rail feature at the bottom. One  of the days we decided to switch equipment, so that the skiers went snowboarding and the snowboaders went skiing. This was a fun challenge for people to work/ play outside their element. Jamie was a great host and rented a big house at the lake for all the riders to stay at. The view was impeccable!

Here is snowboard video of me from last years shoot.

Photos and new video will follow 🙂


Super Park Sickness!

About 10 days from today I flew from Europe to the states to compete in the Roxy Chicken Jam. I was very happy because I got to go home for two days after Euro X-Games, and hang out with my family. On the other side, I could feel my throat getting infected. On the drive up to Mammoth from LA I got pretty sick and I had to spend the next days in bed. After a week inside, I started to get a pretty bad case of cabin fever so on the finals day I decided to go up to the mountain, only to watch the contest. Due to bad weather the contest got cancelled, so I had a lot of fun socializing with the girls in the lodge. That same night I decided to go to the “LA Roux” concert because it got moved inside. I guess that was not the smartest thing to do, because the next day I had lost my voice (this was not from screaming!).

Now it was time to fly to Colorado and Keystone for Miss SuperPark. The first day was a perfect bluebird day, so I decided to try to go up even though I still wasn’t feeling 100%. I made it to the registration, but that’s also pretty much it! After two more days is bed, a acupuncture treatment, a doctors visit, some kick ass antibiotics and to much time on facebook, I slowly felt myself coming back to life. Today was my first day riding since I arrived in the states, and HOW I have missed it! The weather was not the best, but I had so much fun just riding again. I also got some film shots on the mountain and some lifestyle shots outside our condo. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be sunny and I am excited to check our more of the super sick park.

Have a super sick weekend!


Photo: Ben Bishop

The Miss Superpark set up is sick!