Super Park Sickness!

About 10 days from today I flew from Europe to the states to compete in the Roxy Chicken Jam. I was very happy because I got to go home for two days after Euro X-Games, and hang out with my family. On the other side, I could feel my throat getting infected. On the drive up to Mammoth from LA I got pretty sick and I had to spend the next days in bed. After a week inside, I started to get a pretty bad case of cabin fever so on the finals day I decided to go up to the mountain, only to watch the contest. Due to bad weather the contest got cancelled, so I had a lot of fun socializing with the girls in the lodge. That same night I decided to go to the “LA Roux” concert because it got moved inside. I guess that was not the smartest thing to do, because the next day I had lost my voice (this was not from screaming!).

Now it was time to fly to Colorado and Keystone for Miss SuperPark. The first day was a perfect bluebird day, so I decided to try to go up even though I still wasn’t feeling 100%. I made it to the registration, but that’s also pretty much it! After two more days is bed, a acupuncture treatment, a doctors visit, some kick ass antibiotics and to much time on facebook, I slowly felt myself coming back to life. Today was my first day riding since I arrived in the states, and HOW I have missed it! The weather was not the best, but I had so much fun just riding again. I also got some film shots on the mountain and some lifestyle shots outside our condo. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be sunny and I am excited to check our more of the super sick park.

Have a super sick weekend!


Photo: Ben Bishop

The Miss Superpark set up is sick!


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