Short Story on Skiing!

Did you know?!

– Skiing is a recreational activity using skis as equipment for traveling over snow. Skis are used in conjunction with boots that connect to the ski with use of a binding.

– The word “ski” itself is one of a handful of words Norway has exported to the international community. It comes from the old norse word “skíð” which means split piece of wood or firewood.

– Norwegians are “born with skis on their feet”

– Norway is the home of “father of modern skiing”, Sondre Norheim (the originator of skiing as recreation and sport)

– Telemark district of Morgedal in Norway is also known as the “cradle of skiing”,

Skiing in Tahoe

Last week at Jamie Andersons shoot we decided to switch equipment one of the days.
Professional skiers went snowboarding and professional snowboarders went skiing. It was a pretty funny scenario on it’s own seeing all these athletes trying to carve through waist deep powder, completely out of their elements (it is way different sports). It got even funnier when everybody decided to step it up and hit a down box! Here is a photo and a very inspiring video from the 70’s while you wait for our “switch’n’ it up” edit!

Me with pro skiers Kaya & Kim

Did anybody say “SEND IT”?!!

Happy friday!



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