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Tree of the day!

Today I went on a drive to check out some of the beautiful nature of New Zealand. Suddenly I saw this “Tim Burton” looking tree standing in the middle of a pond next the road,  so I decided to stop and take some photos. Here is my best shot, taken and edited on the Iphone!



Comps, creativity & randomness!

Photo Credits: Chanelle Sladics, Adam Moran

I came to New Zealand with both high and low expectations… High expectations because it’s such a pure and beautiful country, with amazing nature and the best milk coffees ever! The low expectations was directed mostly towards the actual snowboard competition. This because the conditions and the weather has been very challenging the last years I have come here. The fact that I also came straight from the beach and it’s the first contest of the year made it’s contribution for my motivation. Anyways, expectations should be limited, weather they are bad or good, so let’s get to the fun part.

Pretty view flying over the South Island

After a good 20 hours of traveling, I arrived in Wanaka, a mountain town on the South Island of New Zealand. The town is located by the beautiful Lake Wanaka and is also surrounded by spectacular mountains. The town is mostly based around outdoor opportunities, like for example canoeing, climbing, golfing, skydiving, skiing and snowboarding, but you can also enjoy a flat white at one of the many cute cafes and great restaurants, if you’re not up for that kind of action…

My favorite country to have a flat white...

My expectations of bad weather never made it further then the next morning; I woke up to blue skies and warm temperatures and a pristine looking Lake outside my window.
The next days mostly got dedicated to practice for the competition up at Cardrona ski resort and getting a grip on my jet-lag. I was grateful for my jet-lag because there is something very special about driving up to the mountain early morning, watching the sun peaking out over the mountain tops, and actually being awake to enjoy it.

Sunrise drive to Cardrona ski resort

Another favorite moment driving up the steep roads to the mountain, was the random dude dressed as a woman, vacuuming the road by himself. The best part was actually that he had no cameras or friends to document his random activity… It was simply just for laughs!

RANDOM moment

Up at the mountain, the competition course were looking great, but the jumps were a bit larger than last year, so I was feeling the butterflies already. The 22 foot u-shaped piece of art aka the halfpipe, looked surprisingly good, a bit narrow but something to work with as the days went on. I enjoyed taking laps on the lift, getting my feet back on the board after a longer summer and slowly getting used to the competition courses. The contest days came up fast, with slopestyle semifinals to start off on thursday morning.

One Life, One Love! Great sign at the lift!

I landed one of my runs and qualified 4th, and was excited to get to ride the finals. The next day I landed my two first finals runs and ended up 2nd after the winner Jamie Anderson. My best run consisted of: 360 tap, 50-50 to backside boardslide, 50-50 to bs. 180 off the pole jam, cab 540 indy, fs. 720 mute and a fs 360 stalefish. The course and weather stayed perfect, actually the best conditions I have ever ridden here.

Hitting the first feature of the course

After the finals, I went straight to the pipe for the semifinals. I was pretty tired, but nothing beats some good old adrenaline when you are about to crash. I managed to pull off the best inverted 720 I have ever done, and made it to finals on 5th place, so the the day turned out to be pretty rad! I went to bed exhausted that night, but motivated to ride some more pipe…

After semifinals in pipe I was so tired and ready for bed that I almost forgot about the prize-giving. I made it to the podium just in time to get my moment of fame and congratulate the other girls and guys.

Jordie, Jamie and Me

Air-to-fakie winning CUOS

The next  morning I tried some good old air-to-fakies in practice, but I was mainly focusing on pacing my energy, since I was running on fumes. The finals started and the first contest run that went down made everybody on the top go; wooohhhh! Spanish rider Queralt Castellet dropped in and did the biggest bs. 900 I have ever seen from a girl and set the standard for the rest of the day.

I was inspired by the American mafia, Kelly, Gretchen, Elena and Hannah, that did not disappoint! fs and bs 900’s, cab 720 and huge airs went down left and right. I laso surprised myself and landed a good run, witch earned me 6th place out of 8th riders in the finals. I also won the creative use of space award, for my air-to-fakie on the first hit, something that I feel very honored to win.

Big thanks to my sponsors, Roxy, Monster, DNB Nor and KAB for the amazing support. Special thanks to “coach of the week”, One Life team captain Chanelle Sladics for holding it down!


On The Road with Roxy!

Screen shot of time lapse from the ferry...

Last week Roxy invited me to come to Seattle and Sequim, Washington state, to visit the Merwin factory and hang out with the snow team. I flew in from California, where I have been training, surfing, skating, rock climbing and slack lining all summer. At the hotel in Seattle I met up with team riders Erin Comstock and Robyn Von Gyn, team manager Amber Stackhouse and filmer Steven. We all took the ferry out to Sequim,
the island where the Merwin factory is located. It’s a beautiful place with amazing nature and  welcoming people. The factory itself, located on banana road, (a very fitting name in my opinion) blew my mind away with their progressive technology, eco-friendly approach and inspiring workers. I got to make a board, see the new graphics (looks awesome!) and learn about how Merwin is the most environMENTAL snowboard factory in the world. After the factory visit we went back to Seattle and met up with team rider and Olympic gold medalist Torah Bright for a signing at the new  Roxy store in downtown. After a little shopping and signing session we went out for some delicious sushi, before I went back to California for some more training and beach time. I will post a video from the factory visit later. Meanwhile you can take a virtual tour through these photos 🙂

Recycle people!

– KJ

Erin and Amber at the ferry

Robyn posing for of filmer Steven

Being introduced to the people at Merwin

Rad ramp and left over board scraps - to be recycled

Cardboard and plastics organized in piles for recycling

Norm explaining what the numbers under the plastic bottles means...

Sidewall color options

Erin checking out the different wood for boards

Me with Aspen and Colombian Gold woods

Robyn Von Lumberjack

This is where it all happens

Impressive! How to reusing old wood to make new wood

One Lifers Sarka and Celia surprised me when they showed suddenly showed up...

Posers, me, Sarka, Celia

Getting ready to make some boards...

Me making of my first snowboard

Taking a photo of shooting a timelapse...

Laughing our asses off... One Life!

Morning view from our house... Thanks Roxy!

My page in the Roxy catalogue...

Robyn reflecting on her day...

Polaroid of Seattle City

Shopping at the Roxy store in Seattle... Thanks for the help to everybody there!

Sushi dinner with the girls

Torah and me before going back to California...

That’s it for now, check back later for more updates.

Also sending love to my home country Norway, after the tragedy that happened on July 22.

“If one man can show that much hate, imagine how much love we all can create…”

The Norwegian Flag

Love KJ

One Life – One Pose!

So, this is what happens when my good friend Sarka and I take the 60D to the beach… Enjoy some next level posing!

Photo Credit: Sarka Pancochova

Beach pose

Walk pose

Lifeguard on duty pose

More photos…

Shot some black and white photos with Ben Bishop after my trip to Oregon. Here are some of the Bishop bangers…

Photo Credit: Ben Bishop

Neck in brace... had a bad crash on a jump!

Black and white wink

Snowboarding, Summer and Signature Session!

At the end of June I went to a summer snowboard camp in Mt. Hood, Oregon, called High Cascade. Sarka Pancochova, Chanelle Sladics, Celia Miller and I were invited to ride and hang out with the campers for one week. We brought our good friend and photographer/ professional musician/ Swiss Army knife Cindy Santini out to shoot and play with us. Here are some photos from our trip! One Life!

Photo credit: Cindy Santini

Packing the car with the One Life girls

Toe Rope action

Me and Chanelle hiking on the glacier

The girls hitting the airbag

White Water Rafting in Hood River - ONE LIFE!

Little photoshoot in Portland with photographer Cindy

Dinner in Portland with the ladies