On The Road with Roxy!

Screen shot of time lapse from the ferry...

Last week Roxy invited me to come to Seattle and Sequim, Washington state, to visit the Merwin factory and hang out with the snow team. I flew in from California, where I have been training, surfing, skating, rock climbing and slack lining all summer. At the hotel in Seattle I met up with team riders Erin Comstock and Robyn Von Gyn, team manager Amber Stackhouse and filmer Steven. We all took the ferry out to Sequim,
the island where the Merwin factory is located. It’s a beautiful place with amazing nature and  welcoming people. The factory itself, located on banana road, (a very fitting name in my opinion) blew my mind away with their progressive technology, eco-friendly approach and inspiring workers. I got to make a board, see the new graphics (looks awesome!) and learn about how Merwin is the most environMENTAL snowboard factory in the world. After the factory visit we went back to Seattle and met up with team rider and Olympic gold medalist Torah Bright for a signing at the new  Roxy store in downtown. After a little shopping and signing session we went out for some delicious sushi, before I went back to California for some more training and beach time. I will post a video from the factory visit later. Meanwhile you can take a virtual tour through these photos 🙂

Recycle people!

– KJ

Erin and Amber at the ferry

Robyn posing for of filmer Steven

Being introduced to the people at Merwin

Rad ramp and left over board scraps - to be recycled

Cardboard and plastics organized in piles for recycling

Norm explaining what the numbers under the plastic bottles means...

Sidewall color options

Erin checking out the different wood for boards

Me with Aspen and Colombian Gold woods

Robyn Von Lumberjack

This is where it all happens

Impressive! How to reusing old wood to make new wood

One Lifers Sarka and Celia surprised me when they showed suddenly showed up...

Posers, me, Sarka, Celia

Getting ready to make some boards...

Me making of my first snowboard

Taking a photo of shooting a timelapse...

Laughing our asses off... One Life!

Morning view from our house... Thanks Roxy!

My page in the Roxy catalogue...

Robyn reflecting on her day...

Polaroid of Seattle City

Shopping at the Roxy store in Seattle... Thanks for the help to everybody there!

Sushi dinner with the girls

Torah and me before going back to California...

That’s it for now, check back later for more updates.

Also sending love to my home country Norway, after the tragedy that happened on July 22.

“If one man can show that much hate, imagine how much love we all can create…”

The Norwegian Flag

Love KJ


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