Intergalactic interview!

I’m happy to be featured as “Rider Of The Month” for December on Snowboard Canada Women’s website (

Here is what they have to say about me:

Argentinean Pow turn!

“Despite some contest announcers’ inability to do so, the correct pronunciation of Roxy rider Kjersti Ostgaard Buaas’s name is something you should know (Shers-tee Bu-ahz). Not only did Kjersti win a halfpipe bronze for Norway in the 2006 Torino Olypmics, but she’s also a solid slopestyle competitor with podiums from the Burton U.S., New Zealand and European Opens as well as World Cups and Dew Tours under her belt. Her air to fakie is one of the best in the business and is (arguably) more stylish than most of the male competitors’ in the game. As seen in the Roxy Refreshments webisodes, Kjersti is also a pow slayer and a rap star. She has been competing for more than a decade and is continually stepping up her skills, so watch out for her as the contest season gets underway over the next few weeks…”

Here is the link to what I have to say (sorry I can’t hyperlink it):

Happy reading and December!



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