I’m happy and proud to share the news about my newest sponsor-deal, MINIcars.
Wanting a car that is classy, fuel efficient and creative makes the MINI countryman the perfect choice for me. Being a part of the MINI-team is something I’m very proud of, and having their support following me around the world snowboarding is a dream come true. I love MINI because it’s a company that focuses on creativity, fun and daring to be different. The feature where you can personalize the vehicle is my favorite part about MINI. At the same time it’s also a brand that cares about the future; The new “E10 bio-fuel” that contains less ethanol, can be used in all the new MINI-models and is therefor less harmful for the environment.

Read the cool story of how the MINI was invented here:

Here is a link to MINI Norway for the Norwegian speaking people:

Go like MINI on facebook here:  and here:

Photokreditt: Øystein Aas

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