Happy Holidays!

After some time in America I went back to Trondheim, Norway to celebrate Christmas with my family.
I got to see my sisters kids (5 years and 9 months), eat good food and enjoy some relaxing time, like they say, “in front  of the fireplace”. All in all the holidays went superb, until we (the Buaas family) started passing the flu instead of gifts around the Christmas tree! Luckily this seems to be a 24-hour bug that comes in hot before it leaves again the next day, because we are all starting to feel a lot better. I must say tho, that this is the first Christmas in a long time where the “hungover” was not my completely my own fault 🙂
As I stayed inside in bed it started storming outside, as “Dagmar” created some real nature disturbance. After hearing and watching chairs fly left and right on the balcony, windows about to pop and trees about to fall over, “Dagmar” finally peaced out and left us with some of that white magic we were missing so deeply (snow). So, from one bug to another have a white Christmas & Happy holidays!