Happy Holidays!

After some time in America I went back to Trondheim, Norway to celebrate Christmas with my family.
I got to see my sisters kids (5 years and 9 months), eat good food and enjoy some relaxing time, like they say, “in front  of the fireplace”. All in all the holidays went superb, until we (the Buaas family) started passing the flu instead of gifts around the Christmas tree! Luckily this seems to be a 24-hour bug that comes in hot before it leaves again the next day, because we are all starting to feel a lot better. I must say tho, that this is the first Christmas in a long time where the “hungover” was not my completely my own fault 🙂
As I stayed inside in bed it started storming outside, as “Dagmar” created some real nature disturbance. After hearing and watching chairs fly left and right on the balcony, windows about to pop and trees about to fall over, “Dagmar” finally peaced out and left us with some of that white magic we were missing so deeply (snow). So, from one bug to another have a white Christmas & Happy holidays!



Intergalactic interview!

I’m happy to be featured as “Rider Of The Month” for December on Snowboard Canada Women’s website (

Here is what they have to say about me:

Argentinean Pow turn!

“Despite some contest announcers’ inability to do so, the correct pronunciation of Roxy rider Kjersti Ostgaard Buaas’s name is something you should know (Shers-tee Bu-ahz). Not only did Kjersti win a halfpipe bronze for Norway in the 2006 Torino Olypmics, but she’s also a solid slopestyle competitor with podiums from the Burton U.S., New Zealand and European Opens as well as World Cups and Dew Tours under her belt. Her air to fakie is one of the best in the business and is (arguably) more stylish than most of the male competitors’ in the game. As seen in the Roxy Refreshments webisodes, Kjersti is also a pow slayer and a rap star. She has been competing for more than a decade and is continually stepping up her skills, so watch out for her as the contest season gets underway over the next few weeks…”

Here is the link to what I have to say (sorry I can’t hyperlink it):

Happy reading and December!


Conscious Celebration with “Opportunity Green”!

Last night I went to Los Angeles to attend the “Opportunity Green” VIP kick-off party and award show. The business conference that is hosted at “The Los Angeles Center Studios” reaches over a period of four days and want to “inspire a collaborative culture of new thinking and unconventional ideas that pushes change in unexpected ways”.

Simply Straws - Reusable drinking straws

As an ambassador for the newly started family company “Simply Straws, I was honored to meet people that care to make a difference. Karen Solomon and Mike Flynn, Co-Founders of “Opportunity Green”, says “we believe in collaboration with individuals and organizations that look to push the envelope by creating a mutually supportive community that is invested in the future of our society and acts as a catalyst for positive change”. I was also lucky to meet Adrian Grenier from the well known TV show “Entourage”. I have to admit that I got a small case of “awkwardness” as he looked me deep into my eyes… ehh, we stopped him to say hi. The actor-filmmaker and his partner, film producer Peter Glatzer won “The Opportunity Green 2011 Eco-Maverick Award” for their sustainable company “SHFT”. The two says “Our mission is to convey a more sustainable approach to the way we live through video, design, art and culture”.

Awarding people that make a difference for our planet!

Other exciting thing at this progressive event was BMW’s new sustainable car the “all electric BMW active”, “The Juice Bar” and their FREE (!) electric car refill stations and “American Apparel” and their “Legalize LA” campaign using only local resources (they even have a fabric at the event).

Here are some links to check out:

Awkward - "Red Carpet pose"

Here are some more photos from the kick-off party last night

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Endless Edit!

Today I’m finally done with my season edit, it has taken a while but I’m happy with the final result.
Here are some screen schots before it drops on the Roxy Refreshments in a couple of weeks. Special thanks to Roxy and One Life on this one!


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Signature Series!

My Roxy signature snow jacket, pants and goggles are to be found in stores this season! Get ready for the cold winter in this warm parkas, with fur trim on hood for coziness, long fit for comfort and big kangaroo pocket for your personals. And the best of it all: it’s made out of all recycled fabric!

Conscious shopping 🙂


My Roxy signature Snow Jacket!

Cruising California!

So, I’m back in America and California after being home in Trondheim, Norway for almost a month. When I was home I got to met up with friends and family, catch up with school and go on a lot of hikes (Norwegians love the outdoors). Yesterday I went back to California for some more summer time, before winter kicks in for real in Breckenridge, Colorado in a couple of weeks. While I’m here I will train at the B-Project (one of the best trainers in the world), meet my sponsors and try to finish writing my bachelor assignment 🙂

Happy wednesday from sunny California!


Me outside the "b-project" with my reusable Alex bottle!

Come together!

Follow your heart and support a good cause. Today the Norwegian organization “Norsk folkehjelp” collected more than 200 million kroners from compassionate Norwegians. The money goes towards helping to clean up remaining parts of mines & bombs after war. Who do you support?

Follow your heart...