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“Love to Hate”

On our day -off here in Saas Fee, the girls and I made a comeback to all the haters at http://www.tacky.no (and in general). Some just never get tired of talking down on girls! ENJOY!



First days back on snow!

Hello people!

So, I have decided to start updating my web page more often, starting from today.

That also means that my posts will be shorter, easier to read and more up to date.

Here  is a short video featuring some of my first days back on snow since my knee surgery.

Everything feels good, but I still need to take it easy for a while…


Internet comeback.

After not beeing online for some time now I have disided to do a internet comeback.
I will update this blogg and get a facebook profile. (There is a fake facebook profile on of me)

This is from last week in Nortstar in Tahoe.
Check it out and see you around.